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La Provence: Fine Dining on the Farm

Farm Tour and Dinner at John Besh’s La Provence

There are few things I enjoy in life more than a delicious meal on the town… except maybe a delicious meal on the farm!  I’d been dying to check out famous New Orleans chef John Besh’s restaurant “La Provence.”  However, it’s about an hour outside of town, so Joe’s birthday was the perfect excuse to finally make it happen!

I splurged and borrowed a Rolls Royce from a VERY generous neighbor and hired a driver to take us there!  We felt like royalty sipping champagne on the drive across Lake Pontchartrain and were blissfully blown away by the magical setting once we arrived.  Tucked away behind the quaint building is a small farm with an herb garden, chickens, pigs and geese (which you’ll find on the restaurant’s Christmas menu)!  I kicked off my heels as we strolled through the grass, took pictures under the live oaks draped in Spanish moss and made friends with all the animals.  Then, we headed inside to eat…

If you’re expecting a formal affair at La Provence, turn right around.  The ambiance transports you into a comfortable and rustic, French chateau.  We noshed on the most amazing pate and crostini, sipped a farm version of the classic French 75 cocktail (complete with sprigs of fresh lavender) and ordered the surprisingly affordable 3-course “market menu.”  The wait staff was fabulous, the food was delicious and as we stepped back into our luxurious ride, I couldn’t think of a more perfect way to celebrate my amazing husband.

One thought on “La Provence: Fine Dining on the Farm

  1. What a fabulous birthday celebration!! Let’s plan on a repeat in ohhh about 5 years, only the “French chateau”, aka darling country farm house, will be mine, and the Rolls will be yours. Cheers to wonderful birthday boys now & then! 😉

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