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A Place for Beau



Beau’s Safari-Inspired Nursery

Baby Beauregard finally has a place to call home.  This December, when I went into labor 7 weeks early, we were knee deep in nursery renovations.  The floors were unfinished.  The wainscoting was incomplete.  The furniture was in boxes.

Between trips to the NICU, late night feedings and diapers changes, we’ve managed to finally finish Beau’s safari-inspired escape.  And I hope he loves it as much as we do!

Restoration Hardware Inspiration Photo

Inspiration came from a Restoration Hardware photo I found online.  We purchased the basic furniture from RH, then mixed in an antique chair and luggage, whimsical lighting, a soft cotton rug, handmade wreath (my neighbor Whitney is a genius), plenty of cozy stuffed animals, along with custom draperies and linens (thanks, mom!).

I know that Joe, Beau and I will make countless special memories as we curl up in the leather chair, read books and sing songs for many happy years to come.

5 thoughts on “A Place for Beau

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  2. OMG, wow! The nursery turned out great! Have you thought about going into interior design, specifically designing nurseries for a living? I would totally hire you in a heart beat! Awesome job mama, I love it!

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  4. What a Great Room, Beau will Love his room for a very long time to come. You and your crew (Mom, Dad and the rest of the family) mad a wonderful and loving space for Beau to grow up in.

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