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Infant Photography: DIY Tips for Snapping the Perfect Pic

Infant photography tips

I can’t believe how much baby Beau has grown since charging into this world 7 weeks early!  Long gone are the feeding tube, IV and countless days in the NICU.  We’re ushering in a new era of chubby cheeks, a blooming personality and big blue eyes.

A couple of weeks ago, I took Beau to get professional infant photos.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t happy with the result.  The session felt rushed and while the photo quality was nice, we didn’t get any of Beau’s quirky facial expressions we’ve come to know and love.  So, I decided to tackle them myself.  I packed a whole truckload of patience, along with a few bottles and spare diapers to keep us going.  I’m thrilled with our DIY pics and I truly believe taking them in the comfort of our own home and on our own schedule really helped the process.

So… here are a few tips….

  1. I used a roll of about 3 yards of interior decorating linen for my backdrop.  I took all the pillows off my couch and draped the fabric over the base of it.  For some photos, I kept the fabric flat and for others, I scrunched and bunched it up.
  2. Get creative when bolstering baby.  I used my Boppy feeding pillow, a travel neck pillow and a folded sheet.  I put whatever I was using under my backdrop and arranged the fabric on top.
  3. Gather all of the softest blankets you can find.  Also, get all of your props together and have fun mixing and matching.  Baskets and toys both work great.
  4. Naked shots are nice, but for the rest, just hide the diaper.  We don’t want any accidents…
  5. Avoid flash.  It’ll stress out your little one and the pictures won’t turn out. I used a well-lit room and adjusted the exposure on my camera so the pictures would be brighter.  I also adjusted the color temperature to be slightly warmer and the focus to be slightly softer.
  6. Have bottles handy!  All these photos made Beau a very hungry man.
  7. Bathe baby immediately before you shoot.  It’ll help calm him down and take care of the milk mustache.  If his hair is anything like Beau’s, also have a brush handy!
  8. Take a variety of shots, changing up your framing and angle.  Also, get some “cutaway” shots of any cute props you’re using.  They’re helpful to have down the road for baby announcements, scrapbooks, frames, etc.

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