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DIY Rope Tiebacks

Rope tie backs 06

I saw the most amazing pair of rope curtain tiebacks on an HGTV show the other day.  I happened to notice the designer pulled them out of a Restoration Hardware box, so I promptly went online, only to have my heart instantly broken.  They were $79… EACH!  I need 6 total for the living and dining rooms and $480 for curtain tiebacks is just out of the question.  Instead, I decided to make them myself!

I bought 1″ thick manila rope from Home Depot and got the sales associate to cut it into 18″ sections (a little batting of the eyelashes helped get the job done).  Then I bought 2 nickel-plated rings, 1/4″ thin manila rope and a decorative wall hook for each tieback.  I started by attaching the ring.  I wrapped a small piece of of the thin rope around the end and hot glued into place.  Then, I wrapped the thin rope around the 1″ rope 8 times to sufficiently cover that piece.  Again, I used hot glue and found that clamps helped keep everything in place.  Finally, I secured my decorative hook to the wall, roughly 1/2″ from the edge of the moulding around the window.

Voila!  For less $10 per curtain panel, I have a rustic rope tieback that rivals any of the more expensive versions at Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn or Ballard Designs!

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