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Upcycled Family Treasures

Vanity Chair AFTER: new upholstery with Greek key fabric

Vanity Chair AFTER: new upholstery with Greek key fabric

My friends are pretty amazing.  I have two close girlfriends here in New Orleans who’ve done incredible renovations in their homes.  Jessica and her hubby Austin have painted, replaced floors, installed wainscoting and decorated their house just outside of town.  Every time we visit, they’ve completed another amazing project!

Recently, Jessica posted an upcycled furniture project on Facebook and I was so impressed, I had to share it!  She inherited some beautiful furniture pieces from her family, including a green dresser from her maternal grandmother that she transformed with new knobs and a coat of paint.  It’s an especially personal momento, because Jessica says it’s a reminder of the woman who helped her and her sister through some tough times.  She also received a few pink pieces from her paternal grandmother.  That grandma is 95 years old, still plays the keyboard and is the mother of 9… count ’em… 9 children!  When grandma renovated her own house in 2000, Jessica snatched up some of her old pieces to refurbish down the road.

The finished products are just gorgeous!  They’re updated and modernized, while still bringing a touch of family history to the space.  I think her grandmothers would be proud!

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