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Antique Floors Furiously Refinished

Finished antique pine floors

As you know, our bundle of joy, Beau decided to make a very early appearance, throwing a bit of a kink into our upstairs renovation plans!

A couple of months ago we found incredible antique heart pine hidden under the nasty, old carpet from the previous homeowner.  Since we didn’t want the wood floors to get damaged or scratched, we were hoping to get all of our other renovations done before refinishing them.  Thankfully, my hubby and father in law put in some serious work on the guest bedroom and nursery while I was in the hospital.  The renovations aren’t quite finished, but at least they were at a point where we could bring in the floor guy and he could get to work!

It only took Juan 5 days to do the job.  He replaced damaged planks, filled the gaps, sanded the entire area and applied three coats of polyurethane, sanding between each one.  We’re thrilled with the result!  He said the wood is probably 200 years old and was likely installed roughly 100 years ago.  He believes they once had linoleum in the center and it was painted on the outside.  It sounds very strange, but that was the trend of the day.  He also said they’ve NEVER been finished!  We couldn’t be happier with the end result.  They’re sturdy, shiny and have so much character that you would never, ever find in new wood.  Like fine wine, Juan says quality wood only gets better with time!

Now, we can’t wait to finish our last few projects and start filling up the rooms with all of our decorative goodies!

3 thoughts on “Antique Floors Furiously Refinished

  1. They are absolutely beautiful! Juan sounds like a true craftsman, who knows his stuff and Bob and Joe really hauled to get the prep work done! Beau will have a fabulous room to come home to!

  2. it looks great…and i’m super intrigued about this whole linoleum in the center with paint….I love cheeky old weird stuff like that so I’m trying to visualize!

    you guys are awesome..its just so cool to watch this house morph

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