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Let the Shower Season Begin!

Little Teapot's NOLA Baby Shower

There’s something uniquely special about living all around the country.  Between my job and Joe’s, we’ve lived in California, Wyoming, Nevada, Virginia and Louisiana.  While we miss our families in California dearly, we’ve made friends and created new little families across the U.S.  And yesterday, our New Orleans family helped us celebrate our bundle-of-joy-to-be!

It’s amazing how they came together.  Deepak and I started at KCWY in Casper, Wyoming on the very same day!  We remained friends through the years until I convinced him to pack his bags for New Orleans.  Dominique is the sister of Joe’s law school roommate, who we first met in San Francisco when she was displaced by Hurricane Katrina.  Her entire family has become a second family to us.  And we met our neighbor Whitney when we moved New Orleans’ historic Garden District.  Through a hurricane, neighborhood gossip and countless nights sipping wine on the porch, she instantly became a sister.

The three of them joined forces to throw us a baby shower with so much love and thoughtful detail, I could hardly believe my eyes.  The tears started flowing as soon as I walked into the whimsical wonderland!  As we celebrate here in New Orleans, I can hardly wait to celebrate in California with our friends and family there.  It’s a poignant reminder that while our real families may be thousands of miles away, we’re lucky enough to have a wild and crazy “family” of friends across this country, who can’t wait to meet our Little Teapot!

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