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Trend Watch: Copper Accents

During my last visit home before my grandfather passed away, I got a very special gift.  My grandmother was running out of space for her extensive copper collection and instead of hiding the bright and shiny cookware in the cabinets, gave them to me!  I remember the copper hanging from their kitchen during my summers spent in Ohio and was thrilled at the prospect of bringing them into my own home.  When Grampy died this summer, the collection took on and even more special meaning.  He’d picked out each of those pieces for Mimi and gave them to her over countless birthdays and Christmases.  Having them in my kitchen is now a daily reminder of them both.

So, it was icing on the cake when I began seeing more and more copper pieces in my favorite home decor catalogs.  Copper accents are everywhere these days and as the fall temperatures set in, they’re a beautiful addition to your holiday entertaining.  Here are some of my favorites…

2 thoughts on “Trend Watch: Copper Accents

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