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Antique Heart Pine Found Upstairs

Owning a 130 year old historic home is ALWAYS an adventure full of twists, turns and surprises along the way.  Usually, the surprises involve dry rot, termites or cracks in the walls, but occasionally, you get one that doesn’t make you cringe.  That’s exactly what happened this weekend!

Joe began ripping off the baseboards and tearing out the disgusting, stinky, old carpet in our upstairs bedrooms, where we want to build the nursery.  We thought our home’s second story “camel-back” addition was added sometime in the 1950’s, but we did’t know for sure and really didn’t know what to expect.  As Joe started digging away at the old carpet and pad, we uncovered a hidden treasure: original wood floors!  My friend Shauna said, “I thought that was something that only happened on HGTV.”  Honestly, I did too.

We’ll need to ensure everything is structurally sound and replace a few boards, but once they’re refinished, I think the antique heart pine planks will be good as new!

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