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DIY: Custom Fabric Memo Board

How lucky are we that our tenant’s mom just happens to own an antique shop in Texas!?  Charlie brings home all sorts of unique finds, the most recent being a beautifully-framed chalkboard.  I love the elaborate grey frame, but the chalkboard made the piece feel a little dark.  Also, we already have a chalkboard in the kitchen.  Two is just overkill.

I decided to revamp the piece and turn it into a fabric memo board instead!  I chose a cream linen for the base, grosgrain ribbon and crystal buttons.  The first step was to remove the chalkboard from the frame.  If you have an empty frame, you could use the backer board or have your local home improvement store cut a thin sheet of wood to the right size.  Once my chalkboard was out, I glued on a couple thin layers of soft batting and covered it in fabric.  I used hot glue for the project… easy as pie!  When you’re gluing on the fabric, start with the top and bottom, then each side… and work your way around by alternating the top, bottom and sides.  The end result will be more even and you won’t have to worry about wrinkles.

Next, I laid out the pattern for my ribbon, cut it to size and glued that on as well.  You only need to glue on the back of your board, because you don’t want to mess up the beautiful fabric on the front.  Finally, I punched a little hole where the ribbons cross, by hammering in a nail and then taking it out.  I fed my thread through a button on the front and a button on the back, pulled it tight to get the tufted effect and then tied it in the back.  I also added a dot of hot glue to keep the threads in place.

Reassemble the frame using a staple gun… and voila… your custom fabric memo board is complete!

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