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Tasty Anniversary Celebration!

Yellow Roses from Joe

Joe and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary last night!  Wow.  How time flies.  Over the past year, we’ve done home renovations, Joe went to war and returned home safely AND we found out we’re having a baby boy!  There was plenty of celebrating to go around.

I surprised my man with a fancy-shmancy home cooked dinner.  He surprised me with two dozen gorgeous yellow roses.  For dinner, I fixed homemade pasta (gotta love the Kitchen Aid pasta attachment) with oyster mushrooms, garlic, pancetta, Italian parsley, lemon juice and zest.  The sauce was white wine and butter.  We also had a cheese platter and butter-poached lobster.  I mean, BUTTER-POACHED LOBSTER.  Need I say more!?  We finished off the meal with champagne (yep, this pregnant lady splurged and had a glass) and cheesecake.

Perfection on a plate… and happiness at home.

Homemade Pasta with Butter-Poached Lobster

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