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Hammers, Heels and Baby Booties

It’s an exciting time in the Hammer-and-Heels house… we’re building an addition!  Joe and I are expecting a bambino in February!

Of course, we’re frantically finishing up renovation and decorating projects downstairs before we begin on the nursery upstairs, but in the meantime, I’ve been soaking up all the love and excitement from our friends and family (between bouts of nausea, of course).  Because this is the first grandchild for our parents, we wanted to do something special to share the news.  I found some beautiful decorative boxes, shaped like books, with whimsical hot air balloons on the front.  Then I bought the cutest baby booties I could find, printed out the ultrasound and picked up a few finishing touches at the craft store.

I sent the special package with instructions to call before they opened…

It didn’t take long after reading the note for them to figure out something was up.  Karen and Bob got their package first and opened it while Aunt Lori was visiting.  There was screaming, a little crying… and a lot more screaming.  My mom and dad got their package just a half hour later and there was a whole lot more screaming!  I have a sneaky feeling our bundle of joy is going to be one… spoiled… baby!

One thought on “Hammers, Heels and Baby Booties

  1. We are sooo excited for you and Joe, and of course the Grandparents, none of us can hardly wait for the bundle of joy. See you in November, Love you Lots.

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