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Trend Watch: Wine Bottle Chandeliers

Our friends Holly and Tim are incredible.  They just finished renovating a more than century old home in New Orleans’ historic Lower Garden District.  This place was down to the studs, covered in vines and utterly uninhabitable when they bought it.  Since then, they’ve turned the two-story Victorian into a showpiece with soaring ceilings, bold wall colors and a design style uniquely their own.  When you walk through the front door and into the grand parlor and dining room, the light fixtures are perhaps the most striking elements.  Two stunning chandeliers glimmering with re-purposed wine bottles!

I’ve seen the trend in modern restaurants and showrooms, but never blended so seamlessly into a comfortable, traditional home.  It made me think twice about my vintage standbys and consider exploring something different!  If you’d like to incorporate a bottle chandelier into your home, Pottery Barn has some great options.  You should also check Etsy.  If you’re feeling exceptionally crafty, a Google search turned up some DIY projects as well!

Tell me what you think!

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