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Framed Fabric Wall Art

I bought the most gorgeous Tahari curtains from Marshall’s the other day!  They’re a cream linen with grey medallion repeat and they’re perfect for my kitchen… so much so… that I wanted to use them for something other than the windows.  I’m always on the hunt for unique and inexpensive wall art, so framing the curtain fabric perfectly fit the bill!

I began with 3 natural wood frames from Target, which included nice, thick mats.  They were only $20 each, so the entire project cost $60, plus the price of the additional curtain.  Below, I’ll list a step by step tutorial and show you pictures of the finished result.  For my project, I used an extra set of curtains, but the sky is the limit when it comes to fabric.  You could cut up old tee shirts, re-purpose a favorite bedspread or preserve some antique textiles.  It’s a simple way to show off something fabulous!

1. Disassemble frame

2. Lay mat over fabric to determine which design you’d like to feature

3. Cut fabric to fit mat

4. Tape fabric to white backing, making sure to stretch it tight

5. Reassemble frame

6. Hang your beautiful work of art

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