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How to Change Old Drawer Slides

Count this on the short-list of home improvement projects that are actually easier than expected!  Drawer slides can make a huge difference in a kitchen.  Replacing sticky, outdated slides with ball-bearing, soft close, full extension slides will improve the functionality of your drawers (you can finally reach all those goodies in the back)!  It’s not particularly cheap, but the ease of use is worth every penny.  The cost of the project was roughly $160 and we went top-of-the-line on all of the parts.

Figuring out the sizing was the most difficult part.  Our cabinets were roughly 24″ deep, but deeper and shallower in some areas (that’s what happens when you live in a 130 year old house with crooked walls and floors).  We purchased the 22″ in Liberty slides from Home Depot and plastic Liberty mounting kit.  However, the plastic kit was too short and the drawer slides didn’t reach the back of the cabinet.  If we’d purchased longer drawer slides, they would have been too long and stuck out the front.  On our second trip, we ventured to Lowe’s and found a much better bracket.  Whereas the plastic bracket from Home Depot was less than 2″ deep, the metal version from Lowe’s extended more than 3″ and offered the extra length we needed.  I can’t find them on the Lowe’s website, but here is a similar version.

I definitely could not have done this with the counters on, so don’t even bother trying.  If you’re counters are off, simply follow the instructions and you’ll find it’s not too difficult.  I mounted the slides on the drawers themselves first.  I then mounted the slides to the front of the cabinet and put the drawer in place.  From there, Joey held the drawer level, so I could mark where the mounting bracket should attach in the back.  A couple of the cabinets needed some minor adjustment, but I’m ecstatic with the end result!  This is one project I can confidently say, don’t be afraid to try at home!

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