Freshly Framed Prints

Apparently I’m an impulse shopper when it comes to expensive prints.  Months ago, I discovered an incredible local photographer named Andy Levin at the Frenchman nighttime art market.  Since I was double-fisting beers, I figured my odds of making it home with a large matted print in one piece were slim to none.  So, I got his information and picked up the one I’d chosen from his house.  It’s an amazing photo of Uncle Lionel Batiste, the famed jazz musician from Treme Brass Band, whose jazz funeral we had attended just months prior.

As if i didn’t drop enough dough on that puppy, weeks later, I stumbled upon another incredible photo I just had to have.  This one was an antique print of the “Meade Girls.”  I haven’t the foggiest clue who the hell they are, but I’d like to think they were 3 badass saloon girls from New Orleans’ infamous red light district who swindled men out of money with their voodoo and feminine wiles.  That’s probably not the case.  Anyway, I dropped more money than I’d like to admit on these mysterious ladies and I don’t regret it for one second.

Unfortunately, my two awesome prints were two not not-so-awesome sizes and finding frames was starting to resemble one giant, infuriating Where’s Waldo puzzle.  They were NOWHERE to be found.  Eventually though, as I was just about to give up and have them professionally done, I discovered two matching frames in just the right measurements.  The best part!?  They were half off!  Finally, Uncle Lionel and the Meade Girls are now hanging proudly in my dining room and they all look absolutely gorgeous.

9 thoughts on “Freshly Framed Prints

  1. I love the frames you used for your prints. Did you buy them first, then bring to frame shop? Or did you get them from a frame shop in NOLA?

  2. Love it anne! Your posts are so cute and fun to read. Love the print with the 3 ladies! i bet they were “mic droppers” back in the day!

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