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Fashion Friday: Gatsby Style

Prada Sketches for Great Gatsby

If you haven’t seen The Great Gatsby yet, it’s about time you scurry on down to the theater and soak up all of the excess and exuberance it has to offer.  Admittedly, I found shortcomings in the most recent rendition of the film, but casting and character development aside, it’s impossible not to get swept away by the sheer cinematic beauty of the jazz age interpretation.  From the opulent gardens to the sprawling mansions, along with Miuccia Prada’s lavish costume designs and Baz Luhrmann‘s over-the-top party scenes, the film is a feast for the eyes!

I could barely get through the movie before I was planning some Gatsby-inspired additions to my wardrobe and it seems I’m not the only one.  Brooks Brothers has unveiled an entire Great Gatsby suiting collection that’ll have your man calling everyone “Old Sport” in no time.  Meanwhile, Tiffany & Co. is offering a brilliant collection of jewels appropriately called Jazz Age Glamour.  If your budget is more Nick Carraway than Jay Gatsby, I’ve also pulled together some more affordable additions.

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