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One Million Chandeliers!

Kitchen Chandeliers I had a realization the other day.  Since I finally own a home, I can have as many damn chandeliers as I want.  I can have one million chandeliers if I want!  Let me tell you, it’s a wonderful feeling.

With that said, Joey and I had our freshly polished antique chandeliers installed in the kitchen last week.  I chose to put the smaller of the two in front of our kitchen fireplace.  The larger one is in what’s supposed to be the breakfast nook, but we’ve turned into a small office.

Thus far, we’ve now installed 4 gorgeous chandeliers and 2 sparkly sconces in our historic Garden District home.  We only have 999,996 more to go!

5 thoughts on “One Million Chandeliers!

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  5. Dear Annie, Your home is going to be beautiful with the million chandeliers. I hope I can see it one day. Grampy is not doing very well; they are trying so many meds and none of them are working. He was fairly calm when your mother and I left this evening. We hope that he will have a good night. Please say some prayers for him. Everyone who has worked with him say this is not uncommon, they have seen worst cases than his that have come around. We want our old Grampy back. Your mom has been a God-send; I couldn’t survive this without her. Love to you and Joey, Mimi


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