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It’s Brass-Tastic!

Cleaning Chandelier with Brasso

Hands down, my favorite antique store in the New Orleans area is Dop Antiques.  I’m not sure why I’m telling you think because inevitably it’s going to get popular and then it’s going to get expensive and then it just won’t be my favorite anymore…

But alas, I love the place.  It’s got all of the gorgeous furniture, rugs, chandeliers and accessories you’d find in the Magazine Street boutiques, but for a fraction of the price (which is right in my budget).  Months ago, I spotted a pair of stunning chandeliers there and just had to have them for the kitchen renovation.

They actually had a cool patina, but I decided to shine those puppies anyway.  The owner told me they were brass and I thought the gold tones would work well with the other brass accents we’re using in the renovation.  After hours of scrubbing and almost a full bottle of Brasso… these babies look SEXY.

It’s okay.  You can drool a little.

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