Installing European-Style Hidden Cabinet Hinges

European-style hidden cabinet hinges

European-style hidden cabinet hinges

There are things in this world that are fun.  There are things in this world that are not.  And then there are things that are so far beyond NOT FUN, I question whether the devil makes sinners do them as punishment in hell.  Installing European-style cabinet hinges is one of those things.  In fact, I’ve decided European-style cabinet hinges are the devil reincarnated.  I know, you thought he was clad in red and horns.  You’re wrong.

I’ve spent DAYS taking off old, rusted hinges with stripped screws and replacing them with my shiny, new European style hinges.  The end result is fantastic, but the process is absolute torture.  First, I have to remove the door and hinges.  I then measure for the new hinges, drill a massive hole, drill two smaller holes, use pliers and a screwdriver to remove protective caps from the hinges, screw in the hinges, measure where they’ll go on the cabinet, drill holes in the cabinet base, screw the hinges into the cabinet base and adjust the hinges until everything is level.


Oh, did I mention I also ordered the wrong hinges… twice!?  These things are literally the bane of my existence.  Luckily, they’re all finished and I really am thrilled with the end result.  I just have to add some decorative molding and painting these puppies is next!

If you’re interested in switching out the hinges on your cabinets, I can offer a few tips:

  • Make sure you order the right “overlay.”  That is simply how much the cabinet front overlaps the cabinet frame.
  • Purchase a plastic template to measure where to drill your holes.
  • Use a corded drill.  You’ll keep having to recharge batteries if you go cordless.  Better yet, find someone with a drill press.
  • Make sure you don’t drill your holes too deep and use the level on your drill to make sure they’re not lopsided.
  • Each hinge has 3 adjustments (up & down, right & left, in & out), so if it’s not exactly perfect when you first hang it, that’s okay.
  • Fill holes with wood putty or caulk before you put the cabinet front back on.
  • Drink wine.  It helps.

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