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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirror, Mirror 04

At this point, I think antique frames have moved beyond a passion and into the obsession category.  There’s nothing like digging through a pile of old frames at an antique store and finding the perfect little gem for your home.  My favorite shop in town certainly requires some digging.  It’s called Cypress Bayou Antiques and unlike the expertly merchandised boutiques on Magazine Street, this place looks like something out of that TV show Hoarders.  Lucky for me, I’m patient and not afraid of a little digging… or A LOT of digging.  It’s probably also good I’m up on my tetanus shot.

Last weekend, I came across an incredible find behind two amplifiers, a WWII era knapsack and the creepiest mannequin head I’ve ever seen.  It’s a square rattan frame within a more traditional frame, with beveled antique mirror in the center.  The finish is sort-of white-washed and the shop owner told me white shoe polish can achieve the same look.  I haven’t tried it, but certainly will!  My new frame now hangs gloriously above the bed in our master bedroom and for just $85… it was certainly worth the digging.

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