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Anthropologie Travels to Portugal

Anthropologie Portugal 07

It’s funny.  If you looked at models inside the Anthropologie catalog and then looked at me, you’d probably have no clue why I’m so obsessed with the store.  They’re all free-spirited, eclectic types, which couldn’t be farther from my personal style.  However, each time I open the pages of Anthropologie’s catalogs, it’s like Christmas came a little early!  I pick and choose my favorite pieces from those whimsical ladies, secretly hoping I was fashionable enough to pull off whatever wild ensemble they happen to be wearing and chic enough to hang out in whatever exotic locale they’ve landed in.

This month, it was Portugal… and the photography within the catalog pages is truly a feast for the eyes.  The aforementioned free-spirited, whimsical ladies are set against the stunning backdrop of blue and white tiles, crumbling stone and luscious greenery.  If the clothing doesn’t tickle your fancy, the landscape is irresistible.

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