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Back to Work: Brighter Kitchen

All four new fixtures installed!

All four new fixtures installed!

The fun is winding down.  After a best friend’s bachelorette party in Las Vegas, a week of Super Bowl festivities and Mardi Gras coming to a close, it’s time to get cooking on the kitchen renovation.

Today, I decided to tackle a fairly simple project: replacing the undermount lighting on our kitchen cabinets.  Lucky for me, they were all wired up, but the old florescent fixtures were rusted and downright gross.  I purchased four new fixtures from Home Depot by a company called Juno.  They’re slim, LED, dimmable and 18″ long, so they really disperse the light.  They were NOT cheap.  Combined, the four fixtures set me back $285.

Installation was fairly simple once I figured them out.  Per usual, the instructions were worthless.  All in all, the entire project took about 3 hours and I’m thrilled with the end result!  The light is bright white and makes a huge difference in our rather dark space.  Now, it’s onto the next project…

4 thoughts on “Back to Work: Brighter Kitchen

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  4. Hi Annie, What a difference! The lighting is beautiful; I can’t believe you installed the fixtures yourself! It looks very much like ours but ours are strip lighting that sticks onto the bottom of the cabinets and gives the same effect. We leave them on low all night, which is nice when I get up during the night once in awhile. Your mom is talking about visiting you for Easter. We would love to come but Grampy isn’t feeling up-to-par right now and the thought of travelling seems like a big undertaking. We’ll see how he feels in a few weeks. I’m actually feeling good now, no major problems. We take turns feeling crummy! Saw you on the morning news last week. You look marvelous and are so professional! I figured out the strange Hammer-and-Heels e-mails I have been getting. They are coming from a different person. She keeps talking about her boyfriend, Jordan, and I thought that was very odd. Do you know anything about this? Love, Mimi


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