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Playing with Crayons

Testing different tile color combinations

Testing different tile color combinations

I’m not sure where it came from, but I have this innate ability to walk into any store and gravitate toward the single most expensive thing in it.  Such was the case with my kitchen tile.  I had seen it at a local wine bar called Oak.  A tower wall of beautiful, honeycomb patterned, 3-dimensional bliss by designer tile manufacturer Ann Sacks.  I knew I had to have it, did some research online and discovered that Stafford Tile here in New Orleans carries the line.

That’s when reality sunk in.  My friendly sales associate Heather warned me that it’s an expensive choice…a really expensive choice.  How expensive, you might ask?  Try $100+ per square foot.  On top of that, because the tile is 3-dimensional, I’d have to hire an electrician to move all of my light switches and outlets.

So…in the words of the great rapper Jay-Z, on to the next one.  I’m incredibly attracted to glazed Moroccan tiles and found a pattern that really spoke to me.  It’s still a pricey option, but the tiles can be made in any color combination and I think they’ll offer the tone-on-tone appeal that attracted me to the Ann Sacks option.  Plus, the traditional pattern will fit nicely in our 130 year old New Orleans home.

To give me a better idea of what the tile would look like, Heather grabbed tracing paper, a pencil and box of crayons.  She traced the design, photocopied the outline and then we got to work.  Two grown adults…coloring with crayons.  Fun times!  After about an hour, we decided on an off-white, latte and gray color combination with java accents.  I’ll let you know how the samples turn out!

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