My Brown Thumb

My Brown Thumb

Gardening has never been my strong suit.  Yet with home ownership, it’s a necessary evil.  I haven’t done much of anything to our front or back yards.  We’ve focused primarily on the interior of the house since moving in, with the exception of one planting project.  Several months ago, I planted a roughly 3 foot wide garden bed out back, which you can read about here.  Much to my surprise, all of the plants are still living!

Capping of the ends of the bed are two large “Nuccio’s Gem” camellia  bushes.  I was attracted to the deep green, glossy leaves and looking forward to the large, white flowers that were supposed to bloom in December.  Well, it’s January and I’ve only seen one…stinking…flower.  A dead one at that.  There are still plenty of buds on the bush so I’m hoping for the best, but with my luck, that’s all I’m gonna get.

Maybe I’ll have better luck next year.

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