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It’s What’s Inside That Counts

White paint and new shelves freshen up the cabinets

White paint and new shelves freshen up the cabinets

I’m very happy to report the kitchen renovation is finally underway!  The first order of business was a rather thankless, but important one: organize the hell out of that space.  The cabinets were a mishmash of warped, ugly and in some cases, missing shelving.  I purchased all new shelves and painted the inside of my cabinets white to match the outside (when I finally get around to refinishing them).  I also purchased and installed “Rev-A-Shelf” pull-out wire baskets and organizers.  They’re not particularly cheap, but they provide so much more storage than you’d ever expect.  In all, I spent roughly $500 on shelving, paint and organizers and I think the outcome is well worth it!

6 thoughts on “It’s What’s Inside That Counts

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  4. they look awsome, I know it is alot of work but well worth it, Chris and Cherie are doing the same thing to get by until they can do a full make over.

  5. Annie – these look great!!! I can’t believe you did this all yourself in one weekend ~ you are incredible. Can’t wait to see the cabinets when you finish the outside!!

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