A Present From Deepak!

A present from Dee!

My gorgeous magenta orchid

You know you’ve got a pretty sweet deal when your best friend also happens to be your co-worker and neighbor.  My friend Deepak and I have been inseparable since we started our first TV jobs on the very same cold, winter day 7 years ago in Casper, Wyoming.  Since Joe’s been deployed to Afghanistan, Dee’s been the one to cheer me up, take me out and watch hours of Madmen with me when I’m blue.  This week however, it was my turn to take care of him.  At the tender age of 29, Deepak’s dentist decided it was finally time to take out his wisdom teeth!

Like a proud parent, I dropped him off and an hour later, picked up a very groggy patient…making sure he had plenty of gauze, ice and pain pills.  A couple days later, I received a beautiful thank you surprise!  It was a gorgeous magenta orchid and I had the perfect antique silver ice bucket that was just calling out for it.  I paired the orchid with a framed photo and candle to finish off the vignette on my end table.  It’s the perfect pop of color in my neutral living room and even better…it’ll always remind me of Deepak’s swollen chipmunk cheeks!

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