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As I left work Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I hugged my co-workers goodbye, many of whom will still be working while I break bread and carve turkey with my family.  I drove home with a bittersweet feeling, thankful for the opportunity to spend the Thanksgiving holiday at home for the first time in years, but with a tinge of guilt for those who aren’t so lucky.  It made me realize just how much I have to be thankful for.  There’s a lot.

1.  The most incredibly family in the entire world

2.  Friends who might as well be family

3.  My husband and all of the other soldiers who are fighting to protect my freedom

4.  My freedom

5.  Cabernet Savingon

6.  The opportunity to dress/act as ridiculous as humanly possible at Bay to Breakers

7.  To have food on my table and in my belly

8.  Lazy Sundays in the French Quarter

9.  God

10.  People like this…and this

11.  The ability of others to make beautiful music, an ability I can only admire

12.  A career that challenges my mind, my creativity and is never, ever boring

13.  The roof over my head

14.  Beagles running free in the park

15.  Health

16.  My biggest concern is what color to paint the kitchen cabinets

17.  Role models like my 2nd grade teacher Ms. Larick, my dance teacher Deirdre Hawkins and my GMA idol, Robin Roberts

18.  Ghirardelli chocolate

19.  Laughter, so much laughter

20.  Sloths, specifically Noel (I love you, Noel)

21.  People who are different than me

22.  Inside jokes that only my friends and I find funny.  A bird rings!

23.  Cheese

24.  The United States of America

25.  Green wigs and the happiness they bring

26.  Forgiveness and the ability to forgive others

27.  Folsom, Westwood, Paris, Casper, Reno, Fredericksburg and New Orleans.  My homes.

28.  Picnics under the Golden Gate Bridge

29.  Elevator etiquette

30.  Kermit Ruffins

31.  People who push me to be better, do greater

32.  The Dirty Dancing swan dive

33.  Champagne brunch.  Well, champagne in general

34.  The ability to travel and explore different cultures

35.  New challenges

36.  Financial security

37.  Mardi Gras season in New Orleans

38.  Love

39.  The sense of quiet solitude and peace each day during my morning run

40.  My husband’s awesome dance moves

41.  My sense of adventure

42.  Football

43.  Those who have trusted me, taught me and guided me into being the person I am today

44.  The endless opportunity afforded to everyone in our country who chooses and works to seize it

45.  Being small, just like my momma

46.  Dreams

47.  The emotional and physical scars that tell the story of every setback we’ve overcome

48.  My daddy’s passion for race cars, an example to always follow my dreams

49.  Madmen

50.  To be the luckiest woman alive

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