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Veterans Day Hits Close to Home

Joe standing tall in his uniform

Each year Veterans Day comes and goes with decidedly less pomp and circumstance than it deserves.  I call my father, thanking him for his service in the U.S. Navy and I take a few moments to think about the men and women overseas who are fighting for our freedom.  However, it wasn’t until that fighting affected me personally that the meaning of Veterans Day truly hit home.  As you and I attend church, watch football, cook chili or take the dogs for a walk this Sunday, my husband Joe is stationed in Afghanistan, working 12 hour days, 7 days a week.  And he’s one of thousands of American troops in the Middle East who are spending their Sunday preserving the way of life we so often take for granted.  So this Veterans Day, while you’re relaxing at home, I hope you’ll take time to remember those who sacrifice for our country and those who have given their lives to ensure our freedom.

*wedding photos courtesy of Daly Focus Photography*

2 thoughts on “Veterans Day Hits Close to Home

  1. Hey Annie,
    Joey is on our daily prayer list along with our daughter Ashley, a fellow Marine stationed in Okinawa. You and the Masons are also in our prayers as we truly understand. This will be the first Christmas where we aren’t all together. Thank you for reminding everyone what the day is truly about. Love and hugs,

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