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Trend Watch: Wallpaper

Cole & Son, Albermarle

Wallpaper trends have certainly come and gone throughout the years.  I remember the Southwest inspired wallpaper that covered my parents’ bedroom in the 80’s…and peeling away layers of hideous country blue paper from my grandparent’s kitchen.  We’ve seen some low points in the wallpaper world, but that’s all changing now.  New wallpapers on the market are often hand-screened or painted.  They’re used more sparingly and in my opinion, more tastefully.  Instead of covering a room floor-to-ceiling, modern papers are best served in small doses.

As I begin to plan my kitchen renovation, I’ll be using wallpaper in the small area behind our fireplace.  With a black, cream, beige and gold palette, I’m looking for designs that will make a statement, but still fit with the architecture and style of our 130 year old home.  Below you’ll see some prints that caught my eye and a list of great sources for picking out your own!

Wallpaper Collective

Flavor Paper

Louise Body

Hygge and West

Graham Brown

Cole and Son

Farrow Ball


Deborah Bowness

Timorous Beasties


Kreme Life

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