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Voodoo Inspired Decorations on a Budget

Baby and bottles

With my husband Joe deployed to Afghanistan, I decided it was high time to find something fun to occupy my time.  My friend Molly suggested I throw a Halloween party and it didn’t take much convincing.  We’ve been planning the big bash for weeks now, creating a theme, gathering decorations and concocting the food and drinks.  Living in New Orleans, Voodoo was a perfect choice and gave us a great jumping off point for all sorts of crafty ideas.

I asked my friends to collect old bottles and jars.  Meantime, Molly and I shopped for decorations and craft supplies at inexpensive stores, while my friend Cat came up with spooky inspiration.  Last weekend we all gathered together, slapped a drop cloth on my dining room table and crafted all sorts of spooky potions, dead babies, crosses and gris gris bags.  A few bottles of wine later and we had a Voodoo shop’s worth of inexpensive, homemade decor.

As the party approaches, I’ve started building voodoo alters with layers of red sheets, netting, burlap and beautiful fabrics.  Each alter is filled with books, bottles, crosses, spanish moss, found objects and glowing candles.  Out front, a sign painted on salvaged wood hangs on my cobweb covered fence and will greet guests as they enter the soiree.  My favorite touch is the spanish moss and dead babies (dolls, of course), hanging from each chandelier.

All-in-all we only spent about $60 on candles, craft supplies and decorations, but the end result looks like a million dark, haunted, creepy bucks.

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