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DIY Mural in Just One Day

Finished mural

I came across a company recently called “Elephants on the Wall.”  If you check out their website, you’ll find page after page of graphic wall murals the company claim can be completed within a couple hours in some cases and a weekend in others.  The concept is simple.  Order a mural and purchase your paint colors, then trace the mural on your wall and fill in the outlines just like a child’s paint-by-numbers.  I convinced my co-worker Jeanna to play guinea pig with the large, graphic paisley print.  Her guest room was already decked out in pale gray and lime green, but she had a large white wall calling out for attention.

The mural arrived as long sheets of paper rolled up in a box.  I began by unrolling the paper and taping transfer paper (included) to the back.  I messed up more than once by taping the transfer paper on backwards, so you’ll want to pay close attention not to do that.  Each piece of paper is numbered and I simply taped them to the wall in order.  My sheets weren’t lined up perfectly, but it wasn’t a huge problem since I chose an abstract print.  You would need to be more careful with something intricate.  With the mural taped up, I began tracing over all of the lines.  Each area is color-coded by number, but the company recommends you don’t trace the numbers as they can show through the paint.  Instead, once I finished tracing and removed my paper from the wall, I simply put a dab of the appropriate paint color in each area.  Finally, I filled in my design using a steady hand and a variety of brush sizes.

The finished result was better than Jeanna or I expected!  It’s bright, graphic and cheery.  The entire project took roughly 8 hours and since Jeanna had leftover paint, it only cost about $120.  High impact….low price…and one very happy homeowner.  The company is offering 20% off for all of my readers through the end of the month!  Use coupon code: ABC2620

See my video tutorial:

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