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Rustic Glam in Munich

Rustic blend of wood, stone and wrought iron

Unfinished chair in Munich cafe

Many people have been described as world travelers, but few truly fit the bill.  My dear friends Dominique and Lee, however, are the definition.  Dominique left her successful career in advertising and Lee put his medical school studies on hold last summer to spend an entire year back-packing through 5 continents, 16 countries and more cities than I can count.  As they traverse each culture and country, Dominique is putting her eloquence to work on Soil and Thread, a collection of their travels.  If you’ve ever dreamed of an around-the-globe adventure, her blog posts and photos will transport you to each of the far away places they visit.

Of course, being the selfish design-oriented friend I am, I gave Dominique strict orders to document any beautiful inspiration that came her way.  Boy oh boy did she come through!  These photos are from a trendy cafe in Munich, where Dominique described the decor as a “casual yet sophisticated country garden vibe.”  What makes it work is the simplicity of the materials and design.  Rustic wood tones, wrought iron, white walls, natural stone and neutral fabrics allow the eclectic mix of furnishings and accessories to seamlessly blend together.

Bonus: the entire cafe was designed with an eye for accessibility.  The owner uses a wheelchair himself and built the space with simple modifications such as wider doorways, a tilting bathroom mirror and additional railings where necessary.  Those personal touches are welcoming for anyone who faces frustrating accessibility issues and ensures everyone can relax with a hot cup of coffee in a beautiful environment.

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