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A Royal Education

Courtesy: J.R. Portman, Student hand-sawing wood for lap joint frame

Apparently Prince Charles wasn’t pleased when he came to New Orleans post-Katrina.  Instead of blowing powdered sugar off beignets and sipping on sazeracs, the Prince of Wales spent his time touring dilapidated homes in the Crescent City (he could stand to learn a thing or two about vacationing from ol’ Prince Harry).  Charles decided our construction was sub par and unless we shaped up, our historic charm would soon be a thing of the past.  So the knight or in this case, prince in shining armor rode in on horseback to save the day!

He started a summer workshop through his Prince’s Foundation, an organization that promotes sustainability in communities around the world.  The Foundation teamed up with the Preservation Resource Center here in the Big Easy to teach traditional trades and techniques from masters like P.R.C. mill manager J.R. Portman (check out his blog, it’s snazzy).

During the intensive three week program, students learn everything from geometry to plaster to woodworking.  They were exceptionally excited about their assignment to sketch up a naked lady.  Once they graduate, Prince Charles hopes they’ll utilize the skills they’ve learned.  From movie set designers to attorneys, it’s a diverse group with one thing in common: a passion for preserving the architecture and design that defines the city of New Orleans.

For your help Prince Charles, we send three cheers and a sazerac from our side of the pond.

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