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Barbara’s Nursery: Pretty in Pink

It’s amazing how time flies.  I’ve known Barbara Bense since our days cheering on the Bulldogs at Folsom High.  Many moons later (I’m not telling HOW many), Barbara is happily married and she and her husband Rob are eagerly anticipating their first bundle of joy.  Barbara has always had amazing personal style so it’s no surprise that her beautiful, budget-friendly nursery follows suit.

It’s 100% pink and 100% adorable!

As she was looking for inspiration, Barbara collected magazine clippings and spent hours on Pinterest.  She and Rob painted one foot wide horizontal stripes to create an accent wall.  They opted for an open-concept closet using Lack shelves from Ikea with towel racks screwed into the bottom (stroke of genius).  Believe it or not, Barbara says the crib, dresser and changing table are all from!  In my opinion, the highlight of the room is the collection of tulle pom pom balls, which she snagged during a flash sale on Totsy and mixed with traditional Chinese lanterns.  She topped off the entire space with two beautiful prints found on Etsy.

And if you haven’t already guessed….it’s a girl!

Tulle pom poms and Chinese lanterns create a whimsical feature

Towel racks double as rods for the open concept closet

Elephant and bunny balloon prints from Etsy

Soft pink stripes set off the focal wall

9 thoughts on “Barbara’s Nursery: Pretty in Pink

  1. this is really beautiful..even though it’s a lot of pink – it’s a pink thats not to harsh and not to bright. It’s light and calm. I love it. There is so much you can just add on (color) later.

  2. It’s a little too pink for me, but I love it anyway. I love the lanterns and the poms. Very cute and I love the towel rack idea. I’m going to have to snag that idea since closet space is extremely limited. Thanks for the post.

  3. I especially like the way she displays the baby clothes on the towel racks. First: you forget what you have and sometimes it’s too late and the baby has already outgrown it! Second: They’re so cute and colorful and should be out in the open for everyone to see!

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