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A Step Up: How to Choose the Right Ladder

I understand my headline isn’t exactly ‘edge of your seat’ exciting but trust me, when it comes to choosing the right ladder there is plenty to learn.

I stopped by the quaint little Harry’s Ace Hardware on Magazine Street to get some tricks from manager Scott Fox and he filled me in on the basics.  Stick with these rules and your weekend home improvement project won’t end with a trip to the ER.

Know your style:

Step ladder- perfect for changing light-bulbs, etc

A-frame- general use around the house, requires adequate floor space

Extension- general use outside of your house, requires little floor/ground space

Platform- useful to reach a broad area, but not much else

Know your material:

Aluminum- lightweight and fairly sturdy, but can warp under too much weight

Fiberglass- extremely sturdy, but heavy and expensive

Wood- outdated, save this for Mardi Gras parade viewing

Stay safe:

Check rungs or steps before you hop on

Check support brace on your step or A-frame to make sure it’s stable

Check rubber feet to make sure you don’t slide around

Follow weight restrictions and don’t forget to account for weight of tools and other objects you’re carrying

For more tips, check out my Hammer-and-Heels video below.  Here’s to plenty of safe and happy climbing in your future!

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