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Avoiding an Appliance Repair Nightmare

New Orleans is full of post-Katrina home renovation horror stories. Families, who spent every penny of their insurance claim and every minute of their free time, discover all their new drywall is toxic and needs to be ripped out and reinstalled. The examples go on and on.

Unfortunately, the same holds true for appliance repair. I chatted with the folks at Solar Refrigeration and Appliance, who told me people have had their granite countertops chipped by lazy repairmen or their entire kitchens flooded because ice makers weren’t hooked back up properly.

In this internet age, there are plenty of resources online and there’s a new one that peaked my interest. The website is called and it takes the guessing game out of hiring a repairman. Everyone listed on the site is factory trained and qualified. If you’ve caught other repairmen scoping out your fine china, don’t worry, these guys are background checked too.

If you visit the website, it’ll ask what type of appliance you have and where you live. Up pops a list of qualified technicians and their schedules. You can book the appointment right online. Unlike the Better Business Bureau, companies don’t pay to be listed on the site, but they do pay a $25 fee for each referral so I imagine the prices may be slightly higher than if you just hired Joe-Shmo.
In my opinion, it’s worth it. You’ll get the peace of mind that comes with a reputable technician and the extra assurance of a 90 day guarantee.

2 thoughts on “Avoiding an Appliance Repair Nightmare

  1. For a common people it becomes very stressful situation when your home appliance breaks down. In this situation you have to hire professional appliance repair engineer to fix these problems.

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