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Choosing the Right Patio Furniture

With the summer heat inching closer, it’s time to spruce up your backyard or patio.  These days, there are so many options that picking the right furniture set can be a daunting task.  Here are some tips from a pro!

The Pool and Patio Center in Metairie has no shortage of outdoor furniture options, but picking the right one can be mind boggling.  When helping a shopper, owner Bruce Aronson always starts by asking how they will use the space.  He says that’ll help decide what type of set will fit your needs.  He then asks about your color palette and style. Aronson says, “It’s not only just like your interior, it’s no longer your backyard, it’s no longer a patio, it’s an outdoor room.”

The options are endless.  These days you can buy upholstery, rugs, pillows, lighting and even drapes.  “Everything you can put into an indoor room, we can put outside.”  Instead of going bold with your furniture, go bold with accessories instead.  For example, if you have a seating set with a neutral palette, add bright throw pillows and a blanket to spice things up.  That’ll keep you from buying something too bold or too trendy that may go out of style.

Be prepared to spend some dough! High-quality pieces will cost a pretty penny, but Aronson says they’re worth it.  “I don’t know if it’s any more expensive than furniture you’re using inside.  And certainly when you’re putting furniture outside that’s going to be exposed to the elements and used and abused.  Wine is going to be spilt on it, rain is going to be spilt on it, you want something that can last.”

When you’ve determined the perfect size, style, palette and price range, don’t forget to keep it covered, clean and protected.  Follow my tips and you can kick up your heels for years to come!

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