Pillow Talk

I love pillows.  Seriously, I almost love them as much as I love chocolate.  If you peer inside my closets you’ll find stacks and stacks of throw pillows in all shapes, sizes and textures.  Pillows can make or break a room and I always stick to a few simple rules to keep my feather-filled friends looking beautiful.

1. Color or Texture:

Pick one.  If you’re going to be bold with color, keep the texture of the fabric simple.  For example, my green, gold and cream color palette works because all of the pillows are are cotton linen or canvas.  If you’d like to go bold with different fabrics and textures, keep the palette neutral or tone-on-tone.

2. Odd Ball Out:

The number of pillows you choose has a big impact on the overall visual appeal. An even number of pillows will have a more symmetrical and formal feel. If that’s what you’re going for, then great, but that’s not what I’m going for. I always stick with odd numbers to create a more relaxed and comfortable esthetic.

3. Repeat It:

How do you pull off pattern and color?  Use it…over and over and over.  Repeating the same colors will emphasize the palette.  In my green, gold and cream color scheme, you’ll see each color repeated at least twice.  The soothing repetition will allow you to take more chances with pattern.

Here are a few vignettes for inspiration:

Embroidery, fur, silk and pick-stitch work with the neutral palette
Pottery Barn’s beautiful embroidered linen
Have an odd ball out to achieve a casual feel
Don’t be afraid to combine prints if textures and colors work well together

Tell me what you think!

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