Before and After

The Pre-Renovation Homestead

Without further ado, here is our new home!

Exterior…you can’t see the 2nd story from this angle, but I promise it’s there:

Looking through the front door into living room:

Looking at dining room.  Joey’s carrying boxes in the living room:

Lot’s of hardwood in the kitchen.  We’ll be painting these puppies white:

Kitchen fireplace?  Yes, please:

Den/doggy hotel:

Our massive master bedroom.  It looks much less prison-chic with the bars gone:

The master bath is prison-chic as well.  The owners had a real love affair with window bars:

Nice big laundry room!  No more laundry in the kitchen:

Here’s our backyard and a look at our mansion neighbor:

Upstairs guest bathroom.  It’s slightly more presentable than the downstairs one:

Our big office with tons of storage and the 4th fireplace of the house.  You can never have too many:

The upstairs guest bedroom has more bars covering the beautiful windows.  Shocker:

Clearly, we have TONS of work to do, but the house has amazing bones and some really beautiful features with all the fireplaces, open concept kitchen and interesting windows.  First job…lose the bars.

Tell me what you think!

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